Learning to swim should be a natural step in every child’s development, especially in Holland, where there is so much water. But mainstream programs do not always address the needs of children with a disability. Aqua Health can help you out. Our lessons are about individual attention, fun, small groups and non-competitive activities. For more information on this subject please read about our vision, philosophy and methods.
Whether your child receives a regular or special swimming certificate, our lessons will always be different from regular swimming lessons. We have conducted our own method which leads to good results. We use aspects of the Halliwick Methode, “Contactgericht Spelen en Leren”, Sensory Integration and rock-and-water-training. We always start by asking ourselves what the child needs to reach its potential. And fun, motivation, playful learning and building confidence are our guiding principles.
Is your child easily overstimulated or understimulated? Does it need to be challenged or does it rather need structure and routine? Or both, depending on the situation? Aqua Health’s swimming lessons start with watching and listening. We observe and listen to your child and adapt our ways of communication and didactics to our findings. Our pictograms can play a very important part within the chosen approach. In whatever way we work with your child, our lessons are always based on predictability, safety and transparency. This means that we swim in small groups (a maximum of 4 to 5 children), that we never force children to take a next step, we learn through play, that the movements are relatively intense, that we work together with the parents/caretakers as much as possible, that we believe in honesty and being strict, that we focus on making contact with your child and that we strive to link one specific teacher to your child as much as possible. Would you like to know more about our methods? Please feel free to visit one of our lessons or contact us. 
There are many reasons why ‘special’ children can benefit from swimming, both mentally and physically. Through playful activities in the water we can offer various experiences to children with sensory processing problems. The children learn how to use their body and explore the environment they are in. During the lessons your child will practice his balance and learn to control and coordinate its movements. Please contact us for more information!

“Movement enhances learning skills. It improves young children’s capacity to develop and learn, not only motorically but emotionally and socially as well.”

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