About Aqua Health

About Aqua Health

Aqua Health was founded in 2003 by Melanie en Marcel Kastelijn. As parents of three children, of which two have ADHD and an Autism Spectrum Disorder, they saw that the aquatic training that was available did not accommodate the needs of their children and didn’t fit in with their surroundings. With Aqua Health they want to enable every child to enjoy swimming and/or exercising in the water.

Tremendous passion

This motivated Melanie and Marcel Kastelijn to take the courses and training they needed  in order to set up Aqua Health successfully. The heart of Aqua Health is not solely based on knowledge though, their tremendous enthusiasm and passion for working with special children is at least equally important. Would you like to know more about Aqua Health? Click here!

Over the years Aqua Health has become a dynamic company with, three instructors in training and several assistants and short term trainees. Aqua Health is a by Calibris and ENVOZ  accredited training provider. Since 2010 it is also possible for students to pursue their “maatschappelijke stage” (social training) at Aqua Health.

Aqua Health is a member of:

  • The Dutch Halliwick Association.
  • Balance: Parents Association of children with learning or behavioral difficulties.
  • NVA: The Dutch Autism Association.
  • Horison: contact oriented playing and learning for children with social and developmental difficulties.
  • Zit stil: about ADHD and learning and behavioral developmental disabilities. Belgium.

Aqua Health is also accredited by the Dutch Halliwick Association (Johan Lambeck).

“Aqua Health came forth out of passion. We want all children to enjoy learning to swim”  

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