Advice and workshops

Advice and workshops

Are you looking for advice on coaching children with special needs? Are you a trainer or swimming pool/ sports accomodation owner? Are you a parent, teacher or family member? At Aqua Health we are specialized professionals. Our knowledge is based on a wide range of training programs, courses and Traineeships as well as years of practical experience.

What can we offer you?

  • Information on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD(H)D, DCD and sensory processing disorders. We inform family, friends and acquaintances as well as those working in the professional field such as: teachers, day care personnel, physical therapists and others
  • Course or workshop ‘Handling children with Sensory Processing Disorders’
  • Course ‘Swimming with children with special needs’
  • Course or workshop ‘Buitengewoon bijzonder: handling children with special needs at home or at school’
  • ‘ASS het zo zit…!’ Information on children with ASD
  • ‘Zo is er maar één…!’ Class information on children with ASD

Can’t find the course you are looking for?
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What can we offer children?

  • A personal manual and assertiveness training: classes by Silence, the practice for Play Therapy owned by Melanie Kastelijn.
  • Rock and Water program: a psycho/physical approach for boys and girls. This social competence training differs from other methods because of its physical approach. Differences between boys and girls are taken into account. The building blocks of the Rock and Water program are self-control, self-reflection and self-confidence. This improves both physical and mental strength, teaches you to handle conflicts and aggression and shows you how to make use of your qualities and lots more!
  • Powerkids! An aquatic physical assertiveness training/ social competence training. With aspects of the rock and water method. We work in small groups. We cooperate with swimming pool De Molen Hey en Mednet.

Are you interested or would you like any further information? Please contact us at or 073-5432521

“At Aqua Health we believe each child has its own unique possibilities to grow and learn”

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