Appropriate education with pictograms

Learning how to swim often puts a strain on children with special needs. At Aqua Health we give consideration to the child’s needs which means that we emphasize safety, predictability and structure.

Ordering pictograms

Are you a swimming coach interested in working with our pictograms? It is possible to order a wide range of different pictograms. We have developed the following series:

Swimming and teaching
Halliwick, pictograms which are developed in close cooperation with John Lambeck
Game ideas
Water Safety Skills/ Survival

The pictograms are printed on A4 PVC foam board and are suitable for intensive use in the pool. We can also provide special brackets so the pictograms can be placed on the edge of the pool. The pictograms of the ‘swimming and teaching’ series are available with or without subtitles (in Dutch, English or German).

Prices on demand. Would you like to see one or more pictograms within the series? Please feel free to contact us, we are always interested in discussing more options.

Safety, predictability and structure.

One way of embedding safety, predictability and structure into our swimming lessons is by working with pictograms. These pictograms, which are developed by us, have proved their worth during the years. They result from years of observing, listening, improving and illustrating. By using these pictograms we are able to coach the children without raising the sound level in the pool. Especially children who are sensitive to noise benefit from this way of working.

Proceeds to good cause

All proceeds from our pictograms go to the Buitengewoon Bijzonder Foundation: a foundation that is engaged in activities for children with special needs.

The workshop is swimming with pictograms

Aqua Health offers workshops about swimming with the use of pictograms. This way every child is able to follow suitable swimming education. The workshop takes up half a day and can be followed individually or in groups. Please contact us for more information on this subject.

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